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 Black Adder and Forest Gaint Grass SnakeCaterpillar 








Steven Portchmouth produces large scale wildlife sculptures in both wood and metal at


his Workshop in Higham Kent.



Carvings of Wildlife, Flora, Historical Characters and Artifacts, adorn Carved Seats, Benches,


Tables, Waymarker Posts and Totem Poles.



The sculptures are site specific and represent the animals and stories associated with the site.



The sculptures are mostly public, principally in Kent and the South East, with further installations


around England, Scotland, and Wales. Some sculptures are in remote places, with others in


main centers and picnic areas.



Sculptures can be found in Ashford and Canterbury Parks, various Countryside Parks,


Nature Reserves, Play Areas, ANOBs and SSSIs, alongside the Stour, the Pilgrims Way,


and Havering Marshes Sculpture Trail.



Typical clients are County, City, Borough, and Parish Councils, Countryside Projects and Partnerships,


Country Parks, Schools, Wildlife Trusts, and private commissions.